AVL = Andrew Volanandriana Lucien

Welcome to my portfolio, a window to my passion for everything that revolves around photography. My name is Andrew Volanandriana Lucien (also AVL). Let's work together!

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Be the soul of you art

We live in a world where things that were once expensive and inaccessible to the masses are available to anyone. Cameras,lens, and even the tools used to process the photos we take everyday evolve in ways once thought unimaginable. But do we have to constantly go after that newest gear? must we have the latest and greatest in order to make good work?

Take your mind off the gear for a moment and ponder this thought: All artists in the olden days only had a pencil, everyone had access to a pencil, how is it possible for the same pencil to perform differently in the hands of others? How can it not make those beautiful lines all the time? Quite simply, the answer to the problem is not the pencil but it’s handler. Likewise for the camera, it will only see what you instruct it see, will only save the light you tell it to save. Train yourself to see the positivity and beauty of things around you, and you’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish.

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